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In a small picturesque valley of Flims (Laax Falera) in Switzerland is conveniently located and hosts world's first three PodHotel PodHouses.
The hotel management is considering a full-extension due to the huge influx of skiing.

Until the end of the season all the rooms booked.
Untouched alpine nature of Switzerland continued throughout the centuries. The country's authorities are trying to continue to protect the landscape and create a universal model for development of tourism with the lowest environmental impact. In the photo: outdoor fireplace near Podhotel.
Since 2003, Swiss companies set up shelters in the mountains for vacation travel in the winter and summer. Wooden stalls are actually very strong. The hotel is equipped with 2-D and 3-seater rooms with beds, lighting, heating and electricity. In the hotel there is no possibility cooking. Visitors are allowed to bring their sleeping bags. In the photo: a cozy night lighting.
This place is ideal for those who like climbing, hiking and forest tourism. Children also find fun: among the trees strung overhead track for climbing. PodHouses look like houses of elves.
PodHotel ideal for family holidays.
Inside the house.
The idea for the construction of houses has taken leadership in the huts of the population Toda community living on an isolated plateau Nilgiri in southern India.
Valley of Flims letom.Alpiyskaya fascinating look into the valley all year round.

Fantastic blue alpine mountain rivers.
Pedestrian routes will not leave disappointed any traveler.

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